RRBHS members do not have to be elected to the board to serve on committees! If you're interested in getting more involved with the society by serving on a committee, please email.


RRBHS Welcome Committee (WC) will review, approve membership applications, and be the first contact with the new members. Members of the welcoming committee are responsible for; sending out the welcome letters/packets to new members, greeting new members openly in the private Facebook group, directing members to reading the RRBHS bylaws, as well as directing new members to the “get to know each other” in the members Facebook group.


RRBHS Events Committee (EC) will take responsibility for Events, organizing, and planning. The events committee is responsible (in partnership with the High Council) planning, booking, advertising/marketing, and running events for both private member events/gatherings as well as public events.


RRBHS Education Committee (EdC) will take responsibility for organizing, planning, and promoting any and all classes the RRBHS is conducting. Members of the education (in partnership with the events committee and the High Council) are responsible for creating educational events and experiences focusing around magic and its use. These events should be planned on both a members only, and a public basis. For example, planning/organization responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, the “Teach Me, Teach you” member lead and member only lesson series.


RRBHS Social Media Committee (SMC) will take responsibility for posting at least one post on both the RRBHS public page, and the RRBHS private page. SMC will take responsibility in engaging with our community via social media, answering questions (or tagging another member that would know the answer to), and anything that helps engage our community. Members of the social media committee are responsible for posting on the RRBHS Facebook page, private group and Instagram accounts as well as creating content for any other social media accounts that may be created. The goal is to contribute to community and member participation to keep members and the public engaged with the RRBHS, and affiliates.


RRBHS Yearbook/Calendar Committee (YCC) will be responsible for taking photos and chronicling the activities and events of the RRBHS for posting on our social media, website and use by members. The Yearbook community will act as historians for the RRBHS.