Autumn Mist (she/her)


  • Term: 2021-2023

Autumn Mist is the founder and president of the RRBHS. She has wanted to find a society of like minded individuals for a while and decided, with the help of our affiliates, to open up a BHS here on the Russian River. 

Autumn is Priestess👑, a Witch, a Mother💙💙❤️, a Lover💋, a beyond optimistic Sag🔥, Nature Addict🌿, Magic Seeker 💫, Bookworm📖, and so much more. 

In her mundane life, she works in law. 


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Bobbie (she/her)

Vice President 

  • Term: Interim 2021-2023

Bobbie's studies in mysticism, philosophy, and spiritualism began in 1996 when she was given her first set of tarot cards and a book of spells. Soon she began to read books on Taoism, world religions, paganism, sociology, psychology, and the human experience. She is an Alchemical Hypnotherapist, a business mentor to Mom's in the wellness industry, and co-host of The Alchemical Goat podcast.

In her mundane life she lives with her husband, two kids, and a menagerie of pets in Windsor, California.


Artemis Crow (she/her)


  • Term: 2021-2023

Artemis loves to play in the forest like a fairy  and explore the edges of the water like a mermaid  enjoying playing in the glittering sun light.

She is a nature witch, working with the elements and natures gifts since she was a very young witch. She also dabble a bit with tarot and oracle. 

Artemis is ALWAYS down for a dance party!

In her mundane life, Artemis works helping children and families. 

Laurel (she/her)


  • Term: Interim 2021-2023

Laurel is a Reiki Master and hedge witch specializing in wards, spirits, and rune readings.


She is a self proclaimed nerd and crafter 

Together We Make Your High Council