"The first time I called myself a witch, was the most magical moment of my life."
Margot Adler



Merry Meet and Welcome to the Russian River Black Hat Society!

We are  here to support and celebrate our diverse community. To preserve and maintain the dignity and honor of being a Pagan, Witch, Practitioner, Healer and/or Heathen. 

We encourage all our members to be active and contribute!

We welcome all experience levels from newbie to High Priest/ess. We are family friendly but we also recognize that adults need some fun too.

This is an eclectic community, recognizing that no one single approach to the Divine is the "right" or "true" way. We all have things to teach, inspire and share with each other. 

Membership to the RR BHS is now open.
Please see our membership page for more information. 

We are a private society that organizes and hosts private classes, meetups, rituals, and public cultural and spiritual based events.

The RR BHS is a privately owned and operated organization. 

We reserve the right to refuse or deny membership, without discrimination, as we see fit.